Introducing a little ‘bear’ faced cheek

It would feel a little narcissistic posting about ‘us’ as our first blog post here.  Problem solved, we’ll talk about the elephant in the room; or rather the bear on the bike at the bottom of your screen! 

Are you wondering who he is? Well, he doesn’t have a name (yet). He’s not a house-trained pet – he doesn’t live at home with our MD; he still lives in the wild. Why does he have a bike, you ask? Good question. He’s actually quite surprising all round. Watch this space and you’ll see there’s more to our bear than meets the eye! 

Now, we suppose you’re wondering why we’ve got a bear hanging around the place anyway?  As mascots go, The Giant Purple Cake-eating Bear (or to use its full latin name Ursus Addictus Cakus) is just about perfect for us. 

Bears are smart, very social and everyone knows that they love to eat (Who doesn’t remember Yogi bear’s penchant for a picnic?). When they wake up after a long sleep, they’re really rather hungry and they’ve got such an amazing sense of smell, there’s no hiding food from them; especially something like our freshly baked chocolate brownie, when it’s just out of the oven. Not. A. Chance. (Apart from the fact that it smells so good that it wouldn’t last long enough for a bear to get anywhere near it! It’s a brave bear that stands between some of our customers and their slice of brownie!)

He doesn’t have a demanding agent, he doesn’t have any unreasonable riders (so we don’t have to pull out all the goji berries out of his bag of Super Seed Mix) and we’re confident he won’t misbehave and bring us into disrepute; so it’s a perfect match.  

Have you met him in any of our stores yet? He’s already part of the furniture in Cheltenham’s Regent Arcade, Cardiff’s St David’s Shopping Centre and our new store in Dublin’s Aston Quay. Let us know when you’ve met the bear! Instagram or tweet a pic! #ImettheSOHObear 

One question. When you see this, do you hear Lionel or Adele?