The rise of the 'humble sandwich'


Have you ever thought that the humble sandwich may have had its time?  Of course not! Even the boundaries of time don’t apply to sandwiches; morning, noon and night; a sandwich will satisfy just about any craving.  

They hold so many memories too don’t they; clutching your lunchbox on the first day of school; that holiday picnic when… and of course, the epic leftover sandwich?  You name the occasion and there was probably a sandwich involved somewhere!

So why are we still reaching for the good old sandwich? Are we sold by the filling, or is it the bread that’s the decider; maybe lightly toasted, or soft and fluffy? And what kind of bread is best? Are you a white bread purist, an oatmeal obsessive, or do you prefer the mighty malthouse?

It’s surely not just about convenience, although you must agree that it’s quite possibly one of the most significant marriages of foodstuffs of all time, isn’t it?  We think it’s the sandwich’s unbelievable journey that makes it what it is today – it’s never ‘just a sandwich’ anymore.

Case in point, the classic breakfast sandwich; it used to be simply bacon or egg or sausage. Simple, but still with the potential to make all our mornings!  We thought it could be improved though, so we now serve the Best Breakfast Sandwich, with bacon, egg and mushroom on lightly griddled, hand-cut, crusty white bread; the result of a noble quest to find the best of everything and bring it all together. Like a finely tuned orchestra, where every part is in perfect harmony and while they’re awesome individually, they’re even better together! (Is that too grandiose? We didn’t think so either! :))

We’ve also matched the ultimate in harmonious ‘bread-fellows’ (see what we did there?) for the rest of your day too. From our fabulous rare roast beef, paired with fresh, peppery rocket and creamed horseradish on oatmeal bread – an homage to the classic ‘Sunday roast’ in sandwich form; to our thick brie, red grapes & mixed leaves on malthouse – the portable cheeseboard to enjoy on the hoof.

Who would have thought that two slices of bread could inspire so much creativity? And so the rise of the humble sandwich continues!

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