We’re very proud of our coffee

Each cup is handcrafted by our baristas with organic milk and a smile.
Honestly, it makes a world of difference.

Try our cappuccino, full-bodied coffee topped with hot, frothy milk and a light dusting of organic chocolate…or what about our indulgent mocha, made from a velvety blend of organic chocolate and coffee, naughtily topped with cream and marshmallows. Oh and by the way, we think our Flat White is flat out the best in town.


Responsibly sourced



It all begins with our Fairtrade coffee beans

Oh, they’re organic too! 

We are very proud that all of our coffee beans come from the Fairtrade scheme: it means that we can be confident that the farmers and workers who grow our coffee beans are getting a fair price. And our coffee tastes all the better for it.

More than this, our coffee beans are also 100% organic & from Rainforest Alliance Certified™
farms that help protect the environment and ensure sustainable livelihoods.  

Our 100% Arabica beans are a carefully chosen blend, grown at high altitude to ensure a
 memorable and more flavoursome bean. 



Traditionally drum roasted


Roasted to our own secret recipe

Little and often to ensure the best freshness and flavour  

Our signature Arabica beans are traditionally drum roasted to our special, unique SOHO recipe. 

The beans gently tumble, developing their full flavour slowly - their aroma & freshness bagged within minutes of roasting, to bring you the best quality coffee.


The great espresso


We're champions of the classic espresso. Whether your’s is a straight short black or a macchiato, a flat white or a cafe latte, our espresso is King; it’s the heart of every drink. You’ll even find two shots of it in your iced coffee!


The craft continues...

in the hands of our skilled SOHO baristas  

Our baristas know how important your coffee is to you, taking time to ensure each one is perfect. We use organic milk and our milk maestros know that every step is as important as the coffee beans themselves... from the speed, colour, texture and shape of the espresso extraction, to the perfection of the microfoam. Our baristas are taste perfectionistas!

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