Kale Caesar! Spring menu hails great new choices at SOHO

“As you like it” is the driver behind the spring range at SOHO Coffee Co., with a wide selection of new products launched, so customers can choose foods to fit their lifestyle, without compromising flavour. Starring reinvented classics including the SOHO Caesar Salad with added Kale and Quinoa, the new menu also launches breakfast smoothie bowls, and has an increased focus on meat-free choices, offering 40 vegetarian products and 11 vegan ones, just in time for spring.

“Our spring menu is all about food done well, with plenty of flavour and great ingredients. Flexibility of choice and the opportunity to customise are key and we’re confident that our new menu meets these needs. Sweet treats, healthy choices and mouth-watering classics all feature in the range, so customers can grab what they like, whether they are on their way to work or enjoying a shopping pit-stop” comments Duncan Reilly, SOHO’s Head of Innovation.

He continues “SOHO customers can look forward to a breakfast of porridge made with the milk of their choice and topped how they like; lunch on rainbow-filled khobez; snack on black edamame and sugar snap crisps and wash it all down with an iced almond matcha or a Vietnamese ‘spro.”

Anyone wanting to try out the new menu, find your nearest SOHO Coffee Co. here: http://sohocoffee.com/find-a-soho/