Nutritional facts

Based on a tall Hot Chocolate with full fat milk.

Energy per serving286.59kcal
Per 100g gPer serving (g)
Total Fat3.3g11.6g
Of which saturates2.1g7.4g
Total Carbohydrates20.3g71.6g
Of which sugars18.1g63.7g

Energy per serving for alternative milks and drink sizes. Please ask in-store for alternative milk allergen details.

Whole milk – Short 200.04kcal
Whole milk – Grande366.84kcal
Semi-Skimmed milk – Short166.04kcal
Semi-Skimmed milk – Tall238.14kcal
Semi-Skimmed milk – Grande305.64kcal
Skimmed milk – Short142.04kcal
Skimmed milk – Tall203.94kcal
Skimmed milk – Grande262.44kcal
Soya milk – Short158.04kcal
Soya milk – Tall 226.74kcal
Soya milk – Grande291.24kcal
Almond milk – Short122.04kcal
Almond milk – Tall175.44kcal
Almond milk – Grande226.44kcal
Coconut milk – Short140.04kcal
Coconut milk – Tall201.09kcal
Coconut milk – Grande258.84kcal
Oat milk – Short 168.04kcal
Oat milk – Tall240.99kcal
Oat milk – Grande309.24kcal

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