Based on an Iced Latte made with Whole Milk.

Nutritional facts

Energy per serving157.5kcal
Per 100gPer serving (g)
Total Fat3.8g13.7g
Of which saturates2.4g8.7g
Total Carbohydrates4.4g16.1g
Of which sugars4.4g16.1g

Energy per serving for alternative milks and drink sizes. Please ask in-store for alternative milk allergen details.

Semi-Skimmed milk – Grande115kcal
Skimmed milk – Grande85kcal
Soya milk – Grande105kcal
Almond milk – Grande60kcal
Coconut milk – Grande82.5kcal
Oat milk – Grande117.5kcal


Allergens contained in this product are listed below. If no allergens are listed, this product does not contain any allergens.

  • Milk